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LASER FIRST is a pre-treatment agent for denim and various denim products. After processing with Laser First, the whiteness of the laser part increased significantly. Its easier to get a natural cat- whisker style,and prevent the whiteness reduction problem due to the washing process at the same time. With this chemical, PP can be replaced, no more re-laser processes,shorten processing time,and enhance the productivity.




       OZONE BRIGHT is a pre-treatment agent for denim's ozone bleaching process.Bleaching with ozone will produce discoloration heavily and unnaturally, change denims original color. The newly-realeased chemical OZONE BRIGHT can control the color changes and produce high-value products.


Potassium permanganate is popular to be used as a bleaching agent in denim washing process. It has a strong oxidizing effect, but it is considered to be harmful to human-being and the environment. Nowadays, the environmental protection requirements are strict, the potassium permanganate is highly likely to be classified as a banned substance in the nearly future, therefore the alternative for it has been concerned for a long time.

J-CLEAN which we newly released is an inorganic oxide bleaching agent derived from natural substances, which can replace potassium permanganate to achieve an oxidation bleaching effect.



Used with J- CLEAN,which can replace potassium permanganate to achieve an oxidation bleaching effect.


The newly released AQUALASE LC is a low-temperature enzyme agent for denim, which is environmental and energy- efficient. It can be used under a low temperature perform a great shorn-pile effect and reduce the pollution of the fabric. During the washing process, this agent can shorten working time, reduce the use of power greatly.


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